Father's Day in Trinidad and Tobago May 08 2016

Father's Day is a worldwide holiday celebrating in many countries. Father's Day in Trinidad and Tobago is observed on the third Sunday in June.

This day is a good time to show appreciation to your father for everything he's done for you.

 You may be thinking of what to do and how to celebrate Father's Day. Think of what he actually likes. Depending on his interests, hobbies, daily routine you may find perfect gifts for your father to make him feel needed and appreciated. Find some activities you can do together to have great time indoors or outdoors. Do not forget to show him you are thinking of him and care all the year round, but the Father's Day is just another way to honour your Dad.


When it comes to a gift giving why not thinking of flowers? We all have enough of good stuff around, and choosing a gift, you may be wanting to make them smile. Flowers make a good gift - bringing positive emotions, giving aesthetic pleasure. Why not giving a flower gift on a Father's Day? You can send a bunch of flowers, flower basket or flower arrangement for your dad. The only thing you should take into consideration is the flower colour. Try to avoid pinky and pastel tones. Best choice for men - blue, purple, red, yellow, white tones.


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