Send Indoor plants in Trinidad and Tobago August 12 2016

Why sending potted plants in Trinidad and Tobago? You may be wondering why would you need to send potted plant if you can send cut flowers and arrangements of cut flowers in Trinidad and Tobago. Red roses are perfect for love and romance, but would you send them to your friend's parent or to celebrate moving in to a new home? That's when indoor plant is going to be perfect gift for all the not-a-romance occasions.


The modern classic Peace lily, Spatiphilium or White sail, as it is sometimes known, produces statuesque flowers and thick foliage. They can even withstand lower light rooms with the right care! This Spatiphilium can be delivered anywhere in Trinidad Tobago.


A subtle white orchid, if an orchid can be subtle, dressed up creatively with bound Mikado sticks, sisal fibres, exotic fruits, and even a couple butterflies thrown in for good measure! All planted and packaged up in a creamy white ceramic pot. Any of the orchids offered in our website can be delivered anywhere in Trinidad Tobago.


Guzmania plant. These tropical exotics hail originally from the forests of South America, but you can make your table top its new home! Enjoys humidity but not excessive watering. The bright red flower, which actually isn't a flower at all, can last up to two years straight given the proper care!  This Guzmania plant can be delivered anywhere in Trinidad Tobago.


Potted plants can be delivered in all major location and their suburbs, such as Port of SpainSan FernandoChaguanasArimaCouvaPrinces Town, St. James, Scarborough and other. All orders are handled by local florists of Trinidad and Tobago.