Top things to do & to see in Trinidad and Tobago April 25 2016

Top things to do & to see in Trinidad and Tobago

1. Birdwatching  You won't find any other place in the world that has as many species of birds as Trinidad and Tobago islands. Around 470 species found in here. You should reserve some time for the birdwatching when you are discovering the islands.

2. Night life.Trinidad loves parties till the sunrise. Many nightclubs opened in Port of Spain, Arima, San Fernando, Chaguanas lately. Trendy places, exclusive clubs with dress codes, clubs that involved concerts and music of all styles including R'n'B, international pop and house music. You will always find a place to dance all night away.

3. Port of Spain.City that never sleeps. Bars and clubs and lounge are all open at nights along The Avenue (local name of the Ariapita Avenue won't let you sleep till late hours. You will find entertainment at any budget.

4. Fort  King George.Located in the town of Scarborough, Fort King George, this place is of a historical value. Built in 1770s now is a museum for everyone who would like to touch to a history of T&T.

5. Local cuisineBake and Shark - local special you have to try. Very popular street food all over Trinidad and Tobago consists of a bake (fried flatbread) and shark meat filled with various other ingredients and sauces.

6. Discover Tobago's Rainforest.If you want to see untouched nature you should visit Tobago's rainforest that has become a home for many species of mammals, snakes, lizards, birds. Tobago's Main Ridge Forest is of the ouitstanding universal value and under UNESCO protection.

7. Variety of flowers in trinidad and tobago
One should not ignore the beauty of the Mother Nature. Trinidad and Tobago islands are rich in variety and number of plants and flowers. You may enjoy watching wild nature and pleasure your eye with colours and forms of types of flowers. People in T&T also love to grow their own gardens in the backyard. You may find here Bougainvillea, Buttercup, Ixora, Torenia, Chaconia and others. Just visit one's garden to get some new imperssions of the day.

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